The importance of bum glue

January 16, 2018

Writing can be a tortuous process.

I always hate it when authors talk about the words flowing from their fingers for 12 hours straight or the muse that moved them to pen 12 novels in 12 months.

I don’t see how that can be possible without mediocrity joining the party.

Don’t get me wrong, I love writing.

But a lot of the time it’s hard yakka.

My muse can be more like a spectre – she lurks in a dark corner so I can barely see her in my peripheral vision.

And what is that in her hand? An idea with a supernatural glow that is impossible to reach.

Then there are those euphoric moments when the writing gods shine on me and inspired ideas pop into my head and fizz with potential. It’s a pleasant feeling.

This usually happens while I’m out walking for exercise or in the shower for daily ablutions!

I know the best advice is to write no matter what.

Even if you are a desert where ideas perish in droves it is important to get something down on the page/computer screen before the day is over.

And do that every day.

I once heard the late author Bryce Courtenay offer words of wisdom.

Mr Courtenay talked about “bum glue”. He said you need to get that bum glue on the chair and then get your bum on it quick smart and start writing, and keep writing until it’s done.

Even if it is rubbish.


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