About me


My passion is writing. There are few things as uplifting as being ‘in the zone’ on the journey to produce a first draft.

A proud member of Romance Writers of Australia (RWA), with several unpublished romance novels in the drawer, I started to get serious about my writing in 2014. Or, to be more precise, take myself seriously as an author.

I completed the Writing NSW course Year of the Novel with a rough draft of Return to Desiree Bay.

After several years of procrastinating, I dragged that ms out of the drawer. After many rewrites and revisions, my novel Return to Desiree Bay was published in January 2022.

My work has been published in four RWA Little Gems anthologies. My 3000-word story Bali Sunset won first prize in 2012.

I have spent my working life as a journalist but my head has always teemed with ideas for novels and non-fiction books.

I recently started to work on another novel and plan to pursue a non-fiction project that’s been on my mind for a long time.

You can read more about my fiction writing journey by keeping an eye my blog. I also hope to pop some of my writing onto the website. Stay tuned for that big event.

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