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About Me

Shayne Collier writes contemporary fiction with romcom vibes.

Her life-affirming stories are set in Australia and filled with memorable characters who, hopefully, remind readers of someone they know – for all the right reasons!

Shayne has always loved hearing people’s stories, which led her to a career in journalism that has spanned several decades.

In 2014, she wrote the first draft of her ‘from the heart’ novel, Return to Desiree Bay, set in a fictional coastal town in NSW.

Her current work in progress has moved the action to the iconic Snowy Mountains.

When she’s not writing, reading, listening to music or grappling with tech issues, Shayne heads to the ocean to swim and snorkel among the amazing array of marine life that inhabits aquatic reserves in NSW.

She supports environmental organisations that include The Invasive Species Council, Australian Conservation Foundation and the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

Shayne grew up in Sydney and still lives there with her partner and a Kelpie.