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It’s been three years since Skye Summerhayes left Desiree Bay after the death of her father off the notorious surf break at The Point.

But a plea from her sister to help with a family crisis breaks Skye’s resolve to never return to her childhood home.

As soon as she can disentangle herself from the melodrama, Skye plans to head back to Sydney. Back to a career in journalism, apartment with harbour views and boyfriend with potential.

But even the best-laid plans can turn to mud. Skye doesn’t expect to fall for the mysterious Fletcher King who seems to know more about her family than she does.

To make matters worse, Skye is forced for confront her own demons about what really happened the night her father died.

Heart-warming and infused with a gentle humour, Return to Desiree Bay is a coming-home story about the importance of family and connection to place we all long for in our lives.

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Praise for Shayne Collier

Set in a coastal town on Australia’s eastern seaboard this book will resonate with many Aussies who were and are part of Australia’s surfing culture. Non-Aussies will find it is much more than ‘Home and Away’. There is mystery as well as romance which kept me turning the pages. I loved it – great beach/holiday read for those who love romance and are looking for something light and ultimately rewarding.

Ageing Girl Hero

5 Star Review

Return To Desiree Bay draws you into the life of the main character and her timely return to her coastal town birthplace where she is unwillingly caught in her family’s ongoing dramas. If you are looking to read an enjoyable and smoothly written novel I would highly recommend this novel.


5 Star Review

Return to Desiree Bay was such an enjoyable read. It paints a vivid picture of the beloved coastal towns of Australia, with all their quirks and beauty. It is a book that is filled with colourful and deep characters. It left me feeling all warm and fuzzy on the inside and I really did not want it to end.

Holly B

5 Star Review

Published : 28 january 2022
ISBN : 9781922389749